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Tips to Gracefully Transcend Your Earring Game

By March 4, 2022 May 7th, 2022 No Comments

Earrings can raise the class of one’s entire attire and add the panache that we all desire. Because earrings are such a versatile accessory, they are not only the highest purchased piece of accessories but have also made for a memorable gift. Despite the all-around adaptability, it can be quite a tedious task to decide upon which earring to go forward with. A lot of earrings are manufactured on a daily basis that lies in multiple different categories. Given the fact, deciding upon just one pair of earrings can definitely one-up all your attires but it is difficult to ensure if it could equally and effectively raise the charm of everything in your wardrobe. Similarly, coursing for specific multiple pairs can feel like quite a gamble. So, to simply make your life better, we have bought you a few styling tips that will ensure your earring game stays flawless and dapper.

Drop Earrings – Drop earrings are inspired by traditional and different cultural aspects within our history. They are tested and tried to be elegant and poised over decades. Alongside a hint for standard, they radiate appreciation for simple style and minimalism. Drop earrings are perfect to hold your own during a casual outing and to portray culture in traditional as well as occasional events. You can’t go wrong with jewelry that boasts thin drops as they are very versatile when it comes to matching with the outfits in your wardrobe. Usually, white as well as teal color-centric earrings are considered supremely fashionable when it comes to dropping earrings.

Nature Themed Earrings – In this drastic shift of fashion from traditional to modern, there are a lot of middle grounds that have appeared to stay. Statements that equally showcase modernity as much as they display the opulence of tradition. Nature-themed earrings can be said to fit the description. These intricate earrings are noticed easily with their descriptive designs of leaves, flowers, petals, sun, moon and other elements of nature. These can really solidify the statement you want to go for in traditional settings and at the same time, they can help you stand out in casual outings. The most preferred material within this segment is silver and fine gold plated earrings.

Studs – When it comes to earrings, studs can be questionable to fit in the category; but because of their poise, they are widely preferred and appreciated by women all around the world. Studs can easily make for an ideal jewelry for women craves. Something that can help alleviate your charm for important events and something that beautifully remains out of the limelight throughout regular daily events. Be it a kurta you are going for, a denim jacket, a flamboyant t-shirt, or a complete traditional look; studs are bound to fit in and deliver with all these looks and even more. Studs are said to portray a sense of strong will and boldness to the viewers.

Pearls – Right after the mention of something immensely versatile, we come to a similar element. Pearls are used in all types of jewelry that there are. This is because of the sense of opulence and versatility that they bring to the table. Pearl earrings can work wonders on an entire outfit, be it formal, casual, or daily wear. The sense of opulence that they provide is pleasant and eye-warming. You can either choose to simply flaunt a pearl that stays close to your earlobe or you can go for multi pearls that cover your earlobes on both outer and the inner part. It is usual to wear pearl-oriented jewelry on ear piercing as they help in standing out immediately.

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