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Everyone of us love and protect the jewelry that we wear each day. But do you give much thought to your collection back home? How do you care for your jewelry when it is not in use? The best way to store jewelry depends on a few factors like the materials used, the type of jewelry, and how much the jewelry is worth.

It’s not uncommon to plop our rings down on the kitchen counter, toss our necklace at the bedside, or lose an earring or two in the couch cushions. After losing few piece of jewelry, I picked up a few solid habits for keeping my collection safe and sound. I learned that proper storage keeps the appearance of your jewelry top notch. It saves us from losses and costly repairs.  And it will also increase the likelihood you’ll actually wear it! It is very important to make a few piles that separate fine jewelry, costume jewelry, and silver jewelry. You should keep costume jewelry away from silver and fine jewelry, and you should keep silver jewelry away from fine jewelry. This separation helps prevent the metals from tarnishing when they interact with one another.


You must have bought a designer jewelry box or maybe if you’ve got fine jewelry collection you might have a safe for your valuables. Whatever suits your style, having a designated place for your jewelry to rest will make you far less likely to lose it. You will have peace of mind knowing your collection is always where it should be.


Sometimes you are in a hurry while you get ready for an event or a party and jewelry is always the last thing you put on. Right at the time when you reach out for the necklace or chains, it’s tangled in a knot of other pieces. Even though it would have gone just right, you put it back in the box since you’re out of time to deal with that mess of chains.

Closing the clasp on your necklaces helps it to stay in place. Make sure it’s hooked and the pendant in place before putting it away. Chain hook, box or pouches are good tools for keeping necklaces separate too!


Before putting them in your jewelry box, hook your earring pairs together so its easy to find the part when you want to wear them again. If you are storing a pair of studs, simply use a small zip lock for each stud and combine it together. You can also punch earrings through holes in a small piece of card sheet to store them as pairs.


With your clasps closed and earring pair together, you can opt for the higher protection as individual zip bags.

Airtight zip lock bags slow the development of tarnish on silver jewellery pieces. It keep away humidity. Moisture is the main factor that speeds up the tarnishing process.

It’s a good practice to use this method for each type of jewellry. Individual bags prevents chains from tangling, keeps your earring pair together, and most importantly, they protect delicate items from being scratched by neighbouring pieces. We keep every finished item enclosed in it’s own protective bag.

We offer a jewelry care tip with every purchase. kindly refer and follow it.

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